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It all started with a seed of inspiration.

Bonjour!!!  Welcome to my first blog post.  Ever.

 While I am trying to get comfortable with this whole blogging experience it occurred to me to start by telling you a little about myself.


Although I didn’t begin this creative journey until later in life, I always knew deep in my heart that my love of flowers and gardening would naturally lead me in this direction.  My mother, Lorraine, was a devoted gardener so I was surrounded with beautiful flowers from a very early age.  As a young girl, I would watch as she tended her gardens and imagined that someday I would have my very own flowers to cultivate and enjoy.  Although my mother has been gone for more than 20 years now, I truly believe there are times when I can feel her watching over me as I tend to my flower filled business and find refuge from my crazy life in my own flower filled garden. 

Even now, in the dead of winter, I am constantly dreaming up new ideas and plans for my little business and always have a vase of flowers sitting by my side for inspiration.

This coming year is going to be bursting with so many gorgeous flower-filled weddings and events.  I do hope you follow along because I am looking forward to sharing all the gorgeous details with you right here on my new blog!  

Until next time, may your heart be happy and your vase full of flowers.

xoxo, Joan

Joan Nekritz